Five Solas Reformation Conference

The Servant Songs - 25–28 July 2024

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The Servant Songs

The Servant Songs are four passages in Isaiah, which are characterised by their portrayal of the Servant's mission, suffering, and ultimate vindicationThey contain rich imagery and concepts such as redemption, justice, obedience, and the relationship between God and man. They culminate in the last song, that describes the suffering Servant.

There are different interpretations about who this servant is, but the writers of the New Testament are clearly indicating that the Servant is Jesus Christ. The Servant Songs thus play a big role in the discussion about divine redemption and suffering.

In order for us to see that our faith is historically founded in the Old as well as the New Testament we must know and understand Isaiah's prophesies about the Servant of the Lord. This helps us to see that our salvation is rooted in the eternal plan of God and secure in the work of Jesus Christ - the Servant.


Jeff Shawver

Jeff Shawver

Missions's Director at HeartCry Missionary Society

Jeff Shawver serves as the Mission’s Director for HeartCry Missionary Society, which is located in Roanoke, VA. He previously served as the coordinator for India, Nepal, Western Europe, and Canada for 7 years for HeartCry, before being moved into this new position. He has been married for 24 years to his wife Jennifer, and has 4 children ranging from 10–20 years of age.

Matthew Brennan

Matthew Brennan

Pastor of Clonmel Baptist Church, Ireland

Matthew Brennan is Irish by birth. He has been ministering in Clonmel in an independent Baptist Church for the last 37 years. He is married to Barbara, and they have two adult sons.

Time Left to the Conference

7/25/2024, 6:00 pm










The prices are as follows:

Adult 210 €
Youth (12–17 yrs) 170 €
Children (3–11 yrs) 125 €
Baby (0–2 yrs) 1 €

The price includes accommodation and meals.

Preliminary Schedule

The time plan below is based on last year's conference schedule. Note that it is an example and can be changed before the conference. The actual schedule is handed out at check in.

  8.00 Breakfast 8.00 Breakfast 8.00 Breakfast
  9.00 Morning devotion 9.00 Morning devotion  
  10.00 Session 2 10.00 Session 5 10.00 Sunday Service
  12.00 Lunch 12.00 Lunch 12.00 Lunch
  13.30 Session 3 13.30 Session 6
15.00 Arrival and check in 15.00 Coffee 15.00 Coffee 14.00 Departure
  17.00 Dinner 17.00 Dinner  
18.30 Session 1 18.30 Session 4 18.30 Session 7  
20.00 Supper 20.00 Supper 20.00 Supper  
22.00 Good night 22.00 Good night 22.00 Good night  

Please note that all evening meetings as well as the Sunday Service are free and open for everyone to attend. You do not need to register beforehand for those meetings. Supper will also be open for evening visitors.

The sessions are interpreted into Finnish and Swedish when needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Payments for the conference must be made by bank transfer. 50 % of the conference fee must be paid within a month of registration and the rest by 15 June. Registrations after 15 May are paid in only one rate.

At the conference we have a small scale bookshop, that takes cash only.

If you cancel your registration on 15 June latest, you will receive a full refund. However, if you cancel on 16 June or later the refunds are as follows:

16 June9 July: 50 % of the conference fee
10 July or later: no refund

Cancellation policy

The prices for 2024 are as follows:

Adult 210 €
Youth (12–17 yrs) 170 €
Children (3–11 yrs) 125 €
Baby (0–2 yrs) 1 €

The price includes accommodation and all the meals during the conference.

During the whole conference there will be a book shop, which only accepts cash as payment.

There is an ATM in the centre of Vörå, which is about 2 km from the conference venue.

If you are not able to afford the conference fee, please contact us at [email protected] and we will work something out.