Five Solas Reformation Conference is an annual conference hosted by Agape International Baptist Church in association with HeartCry Missionary Society. The conference was first held in 2016, with approximately 40 participants and has now grown to gather more than 100 participants from all around Finland and parts of Scandinavia and Baltic states. Five Solas Reformation Conference is the largest reformed conference in Finland so far.

The conference focuses on sound biblical teaching and provides opportunities to fellowship with other believers. During 20182022 the conference theme has been focusing on the five solas, which are foundational for reformed theology.

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Prior speakers

2016: Jeremy Walker (The Biblical Church)
2017: Geoff Thomas (The Gospel)
2018: Phil Johnson (Sola Scriptura)
2019: Conrad Mbewe (Sola Gratia)
2020: Kyle McCartan, Daniel Lundgren, Joel Hietanen (Sola Fide)
2021: Benedikt Peters (Solus Christus)
2022: Justin Peters (Soli Deo Gloria)